Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to have HURREVAC?

According to federal guidelines, program access is restricted to the government emergency management community. If you work for a private corporation with hurricane threat assessment needs, an Internet search for “Hurricane Tracking Software” will offer comparable software packages available from commercial vendors.

What does HURREVAC cost and how do I get it?

HURREVAC is funded by the federal government and the software is made available free-of-charge to eligible users. Visit the registration page to get started. Once registered, you will receive an email instructing you how to log into the application for the first time.

I think I may be registered under an old e-mail address and I’m concerned that future HURREVAC announcements will not reach me. What should I do?

Simply reregister as if a new user. Contact us at if the registration page alerts you that this new email address is already associated with a user account. We will be happy to assist you in updating any needed information and/or regaining access to the application.

May I share my HURREVAC access with other emergency management colleagues that want the program?

In general, it’s recommended that each person running HURREVAC maintain their own user account. The reason for this is so that you can store program preferences with your user profile and not have them overwritten by other users.

I’m new to HURREVAC. Where do I start to learn the ropes of this program?

The application has a built-in help system and a ‘Training’ mode with interactive tutorials. This support site also offers tutorials and an overview of live training opportunities.

Are there any special hardware or software requirements for computers to run HURREVAC?

HURREVAC is now a web browser-based program and can be utilized on most any computer or tablet running a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Please note that the application does not work within IE11. It also has not yet been optimized for small screens such as smart phones, however you may still find some utility on these smaller touch devices.

How do I get current storm information into HURREVAC?

The program has built-in polling to monitor the servers at for any storm activity and download new data when available. It also intelligently retrieves older data (such as ended storm tracks and old text advisories) whenever these items are selected for display in the program.