Need HURREVAC instruction? Watch the recorded webinar sessions that took place the week of June 22nd.

May 5, 2020 - Beginning with the 2020 hurricane season, HURREVAC will be an entirely web-based platform. New features are being continously rolled out on the server side. No installation of updated software is required by the individual user. Simply login to the application to have access to the latest release.

You are invited to apply for a HURREVAC user account for the new web-based system if not already enrolled.


HURREVAC is the decision support tool of the National Hurricane Program, administered by FEMA, the USACE, and the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

This web site provides program access and technical support for eligible users in government emergency management. It is maintained by Sea Island Software, the contractor tasked with development, operation, and maintenance of the HURREVAC program.

Getting Started With HURREVAC

Need more information or training on HURREVAC? Start with a program overview or training videos. If you don't yet have the software, please visit the registration page to apply for program access.