Importing and Exporting Exercise Storm Files

HURREVAC Tech Note 8 - updated 6/16/2017

In HURREVAC, hypothetical storm plots (as well as historical ones not included in the yearly archives) are accessed through the 'Exercise' heading of the Archives Tab. The program is not pre-loaded with any 'Exercise' storms, but HURREVAC's STM files are portable and you can easily import your own or share ones that you've created on your computer with other HURREVAC users.

An Export/Import option is available under the UTILITIES menu to facilitate getting STM files in and out of the program. Select 'Export Plot (.stm)' to copy the STM file for the storm that is currently displayed on the tracking map to your computer desktop. Select 'Import Plot (.stm)' if you have a file to bring into Hurrevac2010.

RIGHT-CLICK and select "Save Target As.." to save these STM files to your computer, then use HURREVAC's UTILITIES Export/Import - Import Plot function.

Historical Storms Available for Download


Hypothetical (Exercise) Storms Available for Download


Cleaning Up Exercise Directories

Imported STM files are saved in the Application Data directory under your username. This directory is
Exercise storms can be purged from HURREVAC by deleting the corresponding STM files using Windows File Explorer, then restarting the program. Individual exercise storms can also be deleted within the program by right-clicking on the storm name and selecting 'delete'.