Archived files for rainfall QPFs, flood outlooks, tide gages, river gages, wind and surge probabilities

HURREVAC Tech Note 6 - updated 6/16/2017

Working with historic storm events has been made much easier since the Hurrevac2010 platform because old storms (STM files) and their text advisories, if not already available on your computer, are intelligently downloaded from at the moment you want to view them.

The exception to HURREVAC's in-program download of archived files are the wind and surge probabilities, rainfall forecasts, flood outlooks, tide gages, and river gages. In the past, these have been archived to varying degrees and thus their availability could not guaranteed by an in-program automatic retrieval system.

Accessing the Archives Through a Web Browser

As a workaround, old rainfall forecasts, flood outlooks, tide gages, river gages, and wind probability files have been placed in special directories on the site where you can browse and download them using a web browser. The following list will tell you where to find these files, how far back the archive goes, and where to save them on your computer for use in HURREVAC.

3-day Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (.QPF files)

5-day River Flood Outlook (.RFO files)

Tide Gages (.TID files)

River Gages (.RIV files)

Gridded Wind Probabilities (.ZIP files)

Gridded Surge Probabilities (.ZIP files)


After locating a file that you want from one of the yearly folders, right-click on the file name and choose "Save link as..." from the browser's popup menu. Although you could save your downloaded file to any location on your computer, the folder locations listed above are recommended because they are where HURREVAC will look first.

Loading files in HURREVAC

Once the needed files are saved on your computer, go to the 'Other Archived Data' heading at the bottom of the Archives Tab's treeview to load these into HURREVAC's map display.