Installing HURREVAC on a Computer with Multiple Users

HURREVAC Tech Note 3 - updated 6/16/2017

Problems can occur on multi-user systems if the original MSI install package is missing or if a limited-rights user does not full permissions to HURREVAC's data directory.

Missing Install Package

HURREVAC's install package (HurrevacSetup.msi) is configured for machine-wide install, meaning that after an admin user installs HURREVAC, all other users of the computer will have the option to install as well from a shortcut placed on their desktops. If the admin user deletes the HurrevacSetup.msi file or moves it from the original install location, the following error message will appear. This error will also appear if some essential program file becomes corrupted and HURREVAC tries to repair itself from the install package.

To avoid this error, save the HurrevacSetup.msi file to a permanent location on your computer before beginning the install. If you need to reobtain the file, refer back to your install instructions e-mail for the web source. These instructions can be resent to any registered HURREVAC user through

Modify Permissions

During HURREVAC's install, program files are placed in C:\Program Files\Hurrevac and data files are placed in C:\ProgramData\Hurrevac2010. When a user runs HURREVAC for the first time, a copy of the data directory is placed in his personal Application data folder-- C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Hurrevac2010. All program operations after that occur using the personal data folder because this is the location where Windows assigns full folder and files permissions even to users with limited-rights. If a user does not have modify rights to this data folder or particular files within, the program will report numerous errors including, but not limited to the inability to 1) load basemap shapefiles, 2) download new forecasts from the Internet, and 3) make changes to in-program Setup.

If for some reason you do not have modify rights to the "folder, subfolder, and files" of HURREVAC's data directory, ask your computer's administrator to change these settings for you.