Evacuation Data and Other State-Specific Plug-Ins

HURREVAC Tech Note 2 - updated 6/3/2013

Although HURREVAC is designed to be generic and quickly usable by all areas to track hurricanes and time arrival of various wind parameters, the program relies on certain plug-ins in order to produce evacuation decision times, show inundation areas, show river gage maps, and do other specialized duties for at-risk states.

There are currently 2 types of plug-ins available for HURREVAC:

Evacuation Data
NOAA River Gage Map Plug-Ins

Evacuation Data

FEMA/USACE Hurricane Evacuation Studies (HES) assist emergency management offices in determining who should evacuate when a hurricane threatens and when they should leave. HES clearance times (the time it takes to complete an evacuation of a vulnerable population) are needed in HURREVAC's Evacuation Decision Timing operations.

HES data is generally only available for coastal counties of hurricane-prone states.  If you don't find your location in the list of available Counties/Parishes, it is because no study has been done.  Check with your state's hurricane planner for information on if/when that might change.  This person will also know the age of your HES data and when a restudy might be planned.

Beginning with HURREVAC version 1.2.1 (the 2012 Season Release), you no longer need to download HES data as a state plug-in. All clearance time scenarios are built into the program and are automatically updated as restudies are done. To view the clearance times within HURREVAC, go to BROWSERS>Evacuation Clearance Time.

Currently Evacuation Data is available for:

NOAA River Gage Site Maps

Static (raster-based) maps are available for certain river gages within HURREVAC's River Gage Browser.  These maps consist of aerial photography showing the area around the gage that would be inundated by a 100-year flood and by a 500-year flood.

These river gage site maps are currently available for the states in FEMA Region 4, FEMA Region 6 and FEMA Region 1.

Steps for Installing Plug-Ins

Installing state-specific data in HURREVAC is an easy two-step process:

  1. Open HURREVAC and then enter the SETUP form using the button at top right of the program interface.
  2. Mark the states/counties you are interested in and press the Apply button.

When you select State Plug-Ins here, files are downloaded to your computer from HURREVAC's support site and installed in appropriate folders under the program's data directory.  If updates become available for any plug-ins that you have selected, the program will download the newer versions as part of the regular polling for forecast products.

Plug-ins are placed in the Application Data directory under your username. On XP machines, this directory is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Hurrevac2010 and on Vista and Windows7 this directory is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Hurrevac2010. Evacuation Study Times are saved in the 'evacdata' folder and river gage maps are saved in the 'maps' folder.