HURREVAC Hardware and Software Requirements

HURREVAC Tech Note 1 - updated 6/16/2017

Operating Systems

HURREVAC is a stand-alone Windows application written in Visual Basic .NET. It has been successfully tested with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

Vista machines may require a Service Pack upgrade before the program can be installed. (The HURREVAC installation process will alert you as below if the prerequisite Microsoft 4.5 .NET Framework is not present).

Click the Yes button to be taken to a page on Microsoft's website where the .NET Framework package is available for download. Once that is installed, you should rerun the HURREVAC installation.

NOTE: The .NET 4.5 Framework can be downloaded here if you are having trouble locating the correct version.

Disk Space

The install file (MSI) is approximately 49 Mbs in size and when installed the program takes up about 30-60Mbs of disk space depending on how many additional maps are also downloaded. The install occurs machine-wide (for all users) and can only be initiated from an account with administrative privileges. Once installed however, limited-rights users can operate the program fully within their accounts. For a more detailed discussion of multi-user scenarios, please refer to Tech Note 3.

Screen Resolution

At display resolution of 600 x 800, the right side and bottom of HURREVAC's interface are cropped off. Therefore, it's recommended that you keep your computer set to a resolution of at least 1024 x 768. If you need to check or change this setting, right-click on your desktop, choose (Display) Properties and then the Settings tab.


HURREVAC's many storm objects and probabilistic gridded data utilize a significant amount of computer memory when running. For best performance, at least 1 GB of free RAM (not in use by the operating system or other programs) is recommended.