What's New in the 2018 Season Version

The 2018 Season Version of HURREVAC is 1.8.1, as noted in the title bar of the main program window. This release of HURREVAC adds access to NHC's Potential Storm Surge Flooding map within the Current view. It also contains bug fixes and handles changes to several NWS products.

The screenshot below highlights some areas of the program where changes have been made.


Specific new features and improvements to the program are as follows:

  1. NHC's Potential Storm Surge Flooding map is now incorporated into HURREVAC's Current view under the Surge Probabilities heading.
  2. A search box has been added to the Archives view for quick location of storms by name.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts have been added to advance a storm through advisories (right and left arrows) and through forecast hours (up and down arrows).

Other changes of note in HURREVAC Version 1.8.1:

  1. Observed water levels are once again available within HURREVAC's tide gauge charts following a November 2017 change in the NWS tide station data format.
  2. The potential track area (120-hour error cone) for the Atlantic is further narrowed as a result of NHC's improving accuracy in forecasting storm tracks. The East Pacific cone has also changed slightly.
  3. Bug fixes were made for West Pacific latitude/longitude handling in reports and on the map.