The 2019 Season Version of Desktop HURREVAC

The 2019 Season Version of HURREVAC is 1.9.1, as noted in the title bar of the main program window. This release of Desktop HURREVAC incorporates a couple of additional map layers (new forecast products from NHC and NOAA) within the 'Current' view, but does not contain any other significant changes.

HURREVAC development efforts are now focused on the new web-based platform which is also operational beginning with the 2019 hurricane season. Legacy desktop HURREVAC is offered as a redundant system during this season.

The screenshot below highlights some areas of the desktop program where changes have been made.


Specific new features are as follows:

  1. NHC's Tropical-Storm-Force Winds timing graphics are now incorporated into HURREVAC's Current view. Layer options include 'Earliest Reasonable Arrival' and 'Most Likely Arrival'.
  2. The WPC's new Excessive Rainfall product is now incorporated into HURREVAC's Current view. This layer is intended as a 3-day outlook for areas of the continental US that are at risk of flash flooding due to rainfall.

Other changes of note in HURREVAC Version 1.9.1:

  1. The potential track area (120-hour error cone) for the Atlantic is further narrowed as a result of NHC's improving accuracy in forecasting storm tracks. The East Pacific cone has also narrowed.
  2. All storms from 2018 and earlier are included in the program compile for offline use.
  3. Refinement of the program's handling of storms' initial heading to accept compass directions in 5 degree increments instead of 10. This was needed to correct the direction (i.e. WNW vs NW) reported in HURREVAC's legend in a few instances.