What's New in the 2017 Season Version

The 2017 Season Version of HURREVAC is 1.7.1, as noted in the title bar of the main program window.  This version is based upon a .NET program platform initially released for the 2010 season and dubbed Hurrevac2010.  Previous platforms included Hurrevac2000, HurWin95, and the DOS-based state editions dating back to the program's beginnings in 1988. These previous platforms have now been phased out and are no longer supported with a live feed of forecast data.

This release of HURREVAC contains improved evacuation options for utilizing zone-based scenarios and for entering your own (manual) clearance times to utilize throughout the program in alerts, clearance time arcs, and evacuation timing reports.

The screenshot below highlights some areas of the program where this and other changes have been made.


Specific new features and improvements to the program are as follows:

  1. Evacuation Options are now available for evacuation zone scenarios and manually-entered evacuation clearance times. Whereas under Storm Category Scenarios, HURREVAC attempts to select the most appropriate level of evacuation based on storm severity (the maximum forecast SSCat), under the new options the selection is left entirely up to the user. This should improve clarity within the program of exactly what clearance times are being used.
  2. The Doppler radar mosaic has been expanded to include coverage of Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Satellite imagery has also been added from the visible channel of the GOES-East and GOES-West geostationary satellites.
  3. A new probabilistic wind timing tool has been added to the cumulative wind probabilities graph for assistance in determining the likelihood that winds will begin by specified hours.
  4. HURREVAC's basemap has been converted to a Web-mercator map projection to more accurately depict storm shape and direction at extreme northern latitudes.

Other changes of note in HURREVAC Version 1.7.1:

  1. The river gauge charts now have a tool similar to the tide gauge charts' tool for looking up water height at specified times.
  2. Beginning this season, HURREVAC will track potential tropical cyclones when NHC begins issuing early advisories for systems forming near land.
  3. Minor updates have been made to watch/warning breakpoints that include a few additional locations in the Central and West Pacific basins, and also changes to the names and break intervals in many other areas of the world.
  4. Many more wind probability point locations will be reported in HURREVAC for storms beginning this season.
  5. The potential track area (120-hour error cone) for the Atlantic and East Pacific is further narrowed as a result of NHC's improving accuracy in forecasting storm tracks. Central Pacific storms will utilize new CPHC-specific error rates for 2017.

Additional feature in HURREVAC Version 1.7.2:

  1. A new Surge Watches/Warnings layer has been added to the Current view. This layer illustrates the coastal areas and inland extent of any storm surge watches and warnings currently being issued by the National Hurricane Center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A final round of 2017 enhancements are intended to be distributed following testing on the first live storm with storm surge products. Future HURREVAC (version 1.7.3) will include mapping and reporting of storm surge watches/warnings by breakpoints, in addition to the inland (gridded) extent already made available in 1.7.2. NHC's potential storm surge flooding map will also be incorporated into HURREVAC's Current view.